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burntheartangel's Journal

Synie Havok
21 May
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My name is Synie Havok. I'm 19 years of age but my mind has grown well beyond the knowledge and maturity of a normal 19 year old girl. I'm a nice person but I will gladly be a total bitch if needed. I'm honest, so if I don't like you I wont beat around the bush...I'll straight up tell you it. I like to surround myself with people that I have some common ground with. I'm a very loyal person, I would never cheat on a guy or a girl and I would never stab a friend in the back. My family, true friends, and music matter more to me than anything else in the world. I'm an open-minded person but I'm also very opinionated. I'll gladly debate a subject I feel strongly about until you see my point or give up. I love life...problems and all.

I love music, it has saved my life more times then I can count so I love going to shows and supporting the bands I love. I'm the girl, front row, staring in awe at her favorite band and even though my body is aching from being slammed against the barricade, every word you sing, I scream right back at you in hopes that you'll see me there, realizing and holding every one of those words so close to my heart.

To see the boys that play to the tune of my heart, make my very soul soar.
And in the brief time I get to have them, in that short night,
That always seems to race by too quickly...I am in heaven
I am with them, and everyone else fades away.
The pain melts off me, and I feel nothing but pure happiness.
I am never truly happy unless I'm at an Burn Halo show.

Music is my one true love in this life and I guess you could say my religion. It's the one the thing I can hear, see and feel in my heart & soul.
- Stolen from MickDeth but I've never seen anything more true for me too.

Avenged Sevenfold has become everything I live for.
They are the air I breathe, the food I eat, the words I speak.
I live my life vicariously through them.
Their victories are my victories. Their losses are my losses.
I am an Avenged Sevenfold fan. And I am PROUD.
I wear the Deathbat...because Avenged Sevenfold is life.
I wear the Deathbat...because M.Shadows holds my soul in his hands.
I wear the Deathbat...because without it I am nothing but another creature on this earth.
But with it I am real. Whole. Complete. And proud.
- Stolen from Logan Nullenvoid